30 March 2021
Promo video for the Eco-Museum of Himara and the Project Implementation

In the framework of the trilateral cooperation Italy-Albania-Montenegro, the Albanian Development Fund in cooperation with the Albanian partner Himara Municipality has implemented a regional project in the tourism section taking as a good practice the prototype of the Port Museum of Tricase, Italy. The project, entitled Co.Co.Tour (Coastal Community Tourism) is implemented as an effort for a new way of tourism development. Above all aims to ensure a long-term, comprehensive and sustainable development of the Coastal Communities by boosting the eco-museum model focused on community tourism. The development and strengthening of the Eco-Museum model come as a good way to protect, improve and promote the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of coastal communities where they exist, in order to ensure smart and sustainable tourism management, furthermore to promote coastal communities and touristic assets in the municipalities of Tricase, Himara, and Herceg Novi. In the framework of the project implementation, on March 24 and 25, the premises of the Eco-Museum building of the Municipality of Himara were inaugurated, which is located in Himarë Village. The inauguration was attended by representatives of the Himara municipality, the Albanian Development Fund, representatives of institutions and associations, Project Partners, residents of the Himara administrative unit, and local businesses in the area. The initiative and the project were also welcomed by the Prefect of Vlora Region, Mr. Flamur Mamaj, as well as by the community, local business, etc. In order to present the eco-museum model to the participants, the facilities, ICT tools installed, products designed and created, the function of each interior space were presented and as a closing, a mini-fair was held with some local products as a good example to promote community tourism. On the second day, was presented in detail the Eco-Musem model and management strategy, as an effective way to advertise the service or products of the area and to increase the visibility of the heritage in the Himara administrative unit. The two-story building, the old school in Kambi, has been restored by providing facilities and accessible spaces for different target groups. It is equipped with the right infrastructure and technology for tourists, the community, businesses, and all stakeholders. The first floor has two spaces dedicated to local and foreign tourists. In these spaces, they will get acquainted with the natural, cultural and spiritual resources of the area. The prepared materials will be easily accessible to people with visual, hearing, and reading disabilities. A kitchen will be available to students and the community to further develop and promote the Himariote culinary tradition. The spaces on the second floor are dedicated to the Municipality of Himara, students, and scholars, as well as other stakeholders to hold meetings, training, etc. Of course, ICT infrastructure, and furniture are suitable for all stakeholders. The model of cooperation will strengthen the cross-border governance of the territories involved, by exchanging common approaches, strategies, and management standards, enabling in the future the identification, preservation of heritage, and development of a tourism offer in the community based on: - Diversification, an extension of the tourist season (not only 3 months); - Inclusion (young people, foreigners, people with disabilities, etc.); - Quality and accessibility of services. In the framework of the project implementation in the Municipalities of Tricase, Himara, and Herceg Novi, the following have been realized: - A cross-border network and model for eco-museums; - Community tourism package; - Equipping and renovating 3 eco-museum spaces in Himara, Tricase, and Herceg Novi; - ICT tools for smart use and accessibility of "stories" by people with disabilities; The Albanian Development Fund has implemented the Co.Co.Tour project in cooperation with partners: Municipality of Himara (Albania) Magna Grecia Mare Organization (Italy) Municipality of Tricase (Italy) Local Agency for Democracy (Montenegro) Municipality of Herceg Novi (Mali iZi) Associate Partner, National Agency of Protected Areas (Albania). This project is co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II), Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation program Italy - Albania - Montenegro. With a total value of € 1,079,523.71, which includes the budgets of all project partners. The expectation that this project will be very well received by communities and other coastal countries is very high. Many thanks go to the project partnership and the Program which supported the implementation of the project and the development of the Eco-Museum model in the coastal communities of Tricase, Himara, and Herceg Novi. This video has been transmitted to local TVs in the Albanian southern region.