20 May

20 May 2020
The "Co.Co.Tour" Project Web Meeting, May 20

The "Co.Co.Tour" project organized a web meeting on May 20 to discuss the current progress of the project. A project summary and financial arrangements were initially discussed. This was then followed by focusing on the infrastructure works for ecomuseums in Himara, Tricase and HercegNovi. Partners also agreed on action plan, activities and deliverables for next phase as well as preparation for Project Progress Reports 5.1.

The "Co.Co.Tour" project aims at securing a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of the coastal communities in the target areas through the development of a cross border eco-museum model and a common strategy focused on community tourism.

The project is co – financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre –Accession Assistance (IPA III), Interreg IPA Cross Border Cooperation Italy – Albania – Montenegro.